Sharp as a manufacturer of consumer electronics focuses on delivering the best quality in its class. We believe that our role is not just to produce a finished device, and we also believe that providing a quality product means that it has been created with the environment kept in mind.

SHARP’s environmental policy history dates back to 1973, when Sharp put into writing its own Sustainable Development Goals. Today, the company maintains the course of sustainability and keeps in mind necessities such as preventing climate change or supporting circular economy. We see environmental protection as something natural for business, especially business that designs and manufactures new products.

At SHARP Group we actively support environmental management initiatives and environmental awareness among clients and employees. Environmental impact of our plant is reduced by the implemented ISO 14001:2015 system, which has become a standard for SHARP’s facilities during the years. We successfully undertake initiatives in the fields of advanced modernization for minimizing energy consumption, rational use of materials, use of eco-friendly recycled packaging, replacing plastics with paper, and we always strive to make our waste into secondary raw materials. Sharp’s devices are created  in accordance to strict WEEE, Eco-design and RoHS requirements.

This site was created to provide information on the features and correct disposal of our devices.